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CCEA and The NI Curriculum: An Overview

Education in Northern Ireland

This first video gives you an overview of Northern Ireland’s education system and the Northern Ireland Curriculum, which we’ll look at in more detail in the other videos.

The Northern Ireland Curriculum

This second video provides an insight into the Northern Ireland Curriculum and the topics we’ll cover in the third video.

A Connected Curriculum

This third video explores the Northern Ireland curriculum, its key stages, and the curriculum and assessment support CCEA offers.

Curriculum in Action

These final videos show examples of the Northern Ireland Curriculum in action.

As you watch the videos, take time to reflect on these questions: 

  1. What connections in learning are evident?
  2. What learning is most precious and transferable for pupils to apply at different times in the future?
  3. In what ways do you observe the intertwining of cognitive, emotional and social skills?
  4. Describe how the aim and objectives of the curriculum are in action.

The Primary Curriculum in Action at Key Stage 2:

The Post-Primary Curriculum in Action at Key Stage 3: