Supporting Learning

Supporting the Curriculum and Assessment in 2021/22

Overview of the Northern Ireland Curriculum

The Northern Ireland Curriculum

The curriculum offers flexibility and specifies a minimum entitlement for all pupils. Schools have considerable scope to tailor this entitlement and to provide learning opportunities adapted to their own context and their pupils' needs.

Watch the short video below to find out about the curriculum in Northern Ireland.

Assessment in Northern Ireland

Assessment is the cornerstone of good learning and teaching. It can make a vital contribution to improving educational outcomes for all pupils. It’s about collecting, interpreting and using information to give a deeper appreciation of what pupils know and understand, their skills and capabilities, and what their learning experiences enable them to do.

See our Assessment page for a short video about assessment in Northern Ireland, along with resources and links to the Assessment and Reporting section for each key stage.

Curriculum Delivery during 2021/22

For school guidance and ideas for exploring themes related to COVID-19, please see the Curriculum Delivery page. For other learning resources, please see the links below.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Resources

The following resources may be helpful for schools and parents/carers of pupils who are experiencing remote and/or hybrid learning. Choose a link below to see CCEA resources that support the Areas of Learning, the Cross-Curricular Skills, the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities and Assessment for Learning along with relevant external resources.

Areas of Learning

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding
Mathematics and Numeracy
Language and Literacy
The World Around Us

Skills and Capabilities

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities
Managing Information
Working with Others
Being Creative
Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
Problem Solving
Self-Management (Improving own learning and performance)