Life & Work through English

The Study of Spoken Language

Getting Started

Important Notice

The materials in this section relate to the legacy GCSE English Language specification (no longer available for teaching) however, they may still be of use to teachers and students. Centres should ensure they fulfil the requirements of the current GCSE English Language specification.

By this stage you will have selected a piece of talk for study. Examples you can use include speech, presentation, dialogue, interview, commentary, or eulogy. They can come from real life, film, television, animation, or similar media.

The following questions can provide you with a framework to get you started.

Looking at the context:

  • Who is talking?
  • Who are they talking to? Who is the audience?
  • When did the talk take place? Is this important?
  • Why did the talk take place?
  • What was the purpose of the talk?

Looking at the techniques:

  • Has the speaker achieved their purpose?
  • How or why not?
  • What techniques did they use to appeal to their audience?