STEM Using Mathematics Tasks

STEM Futures: Using Maths Tasks

The STEM Using Mathematics Tasks provide pupils with real-life contexts for exploring and solving problems. We have developed the three STEM tasks with support from local companies and post-primary schools.

About the tasks

Each task is based around a theme which connects the pupils’ knowledge and understanding in Science with their ability to use Mathematics to investigate and solve the type of challenging problems that might arise in work situation. 

The tasks each provide a context and background for a series of enquiry-based activities which can be used as opportunities for pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of Science and Mathematics and to demonstrate their Using Mathematics skills.

At the end of each task there is section which enables pupils to develop their Self-Management skills and assess their progress by reflecting and reviewing their work and approaches to the tasks.

Planning to use the tasks

Pupils are likely to benefit most from undertaking the tasks where they have been planned as part of a department's learning, teaching and assessment programme. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that teachers spend time identifying and planning how best to use the tasks within their schemes of work.

Although, the tasks are designed to be used as they stand, teachers are also encouraged to use and adapt the tasks to in ways which best suit the needs of their pupils.

Assessing Using Maths

The tasks may be used by teachers to assess Using Mathematics against the Levels of Progression and are targeted for pupils working at levels 6 and 7. The teacher notes include an assessment grid. This indicates the level 6 and 7 Requirements, Knowledge and Understanding which teachers can use to make a judgment a about a pupil's performance in the tasks. Teachers might wish to use examples of pupil work generated from these tasks as part of their evidence for moderation which they will be required to provide for Using Mathematics from 2012/2013.

Teachers wishing to use the tasks for assessing Using Mathematics are advised to consult with whoever is responsible in school for the coordination of assessing Using Mathematics Key Stage 3. This will help to ensure that the pupil evidence generated from the tasks can contribute to an overall summative judgment about a pupil's performance in Using Mathematics.

Download STEM Using Maths Tasks

The tasks are accompanied by teacher notes that highlight the prior learning required for Science and Mathematics, expected pupil learning outcomes and any key points that the teacher needs to address to enable pupils to successfully complete the task.

Teachers are strongly advised to read the teacher notes before using the task with pupils.

Skills and Capabilities

Cross-Curricular Skills
Using Mathematics