Scamwise at Key Stage 4

This resource has been jointly produced by CCEA and the Consumer Council on behalf of the ScamwiseNI partnership. The activities aim to help pupils recognise that online content isn’t always honest or reliable. They will learn how they can protect themselves, family, friends, schoolmates, neighbours and people living in their community.

There is 1 element to the Key Stage 4 resource:

Is it Real?

Pupils identify how scammers use social engineering techniques to manipulate a person into disclosing personal information. Pupils develop strategies to protect and empower themselves, their family, friends, and community to avoid a variety of scams, including phishing, vishing, smishing, malware and name generators.

Watch this short animation to learn more about how to avoid phishing scams.

What’s my Celebrity Match?

This interactive prompt encourages pupils to be aware of and recognise how scammers may use fraudulent techniques to collect personal information.

What's My Celebrity Match Interactive Activity