Progression Pathways Resource

Progression Pathways

User-friendly, interactive resources showing how learning in Northern Ireland connects and progresses from pre-school to post-16 and highlighting the extensive range of CCEA qualifications that reflect and reward all our learners. Simply choose a pathway and explore.

Areas of Learning Progression Pathways

Progression Pathways - Language and Literacy
Progression Pathways - Mathematics and Numeracy
Progression Pathways - Modern Languages
Progression Pathways - The Arts
Progression Pathways - The World Around Us: Science

Other Progression Pathways

Progression Pathways - Digital Skills

More Information

These user-friendly, interactive resources are for all those interested in education in Northern Ireland providing a single access point for information about the statutory curriculum and the CCEA qualifications which reflect the individual learning journeys of all our young people.

The examples of learning in each pathway organise existing curriculum and qualification content to illustrate how knowledge, understanding and skills are supported and developed as each key stage builds on the one before, prepares for the one that follows and aims to equip learners for the challenges they will face in the real world and throughout their lives.

Teachers, parents/guardians, and learners:

  • appreciate how teaching in each key stage is crucial in the overall education of every learner;
  • identify learning targets for learners who are behind or ahead of their peers;
  • understand how the Areas of Learning evolve as learners move from primary to post-primary education; and
  • explore the full range of CCEA Entry Level, Vocational, GCSE and GCE qualifications on offer to reward learning in every aspect of the curriculum.

Areas of Learning

The Arts
The Arts: Art and Design
The Arts: Drama
The Arts: Music
Science and Technology
The World Around Us