Progress File

Progress File

What is Progress File?

Progress File is a personal development portfolio designed for students from Years 8 to 14.

The area contains many resources and tools that will help pupils as they prepare for the transition between key stages and ultimately from school into employment, training and further or higher education.

Progress File is designed in three components, relevant for each key stage:

  • Getting Started - Key Stage 3 (Years 8-10)
  • Moving On - Key Stage 4 (Years 11-12)
  • Widening Horizons - Post-16 (Years 13-14)

Pupils can use Progress File to:

  • record and update their interests, skills, achievements and qualifications;
  • access interactive resources, including video and animations, to help them understand themselves better;
  • complete self-assessment exercises;
  • develop and amend individual action plans and career plans;
  • access information to help with exam revision and career choices; and
  • produce, store and update information for their CV and personal statement.

Teachers can also access the resources:

  • for whole-class activities via a whiteboard/projector.

eProgressFile online resources

From the 2015-16 academic year, eProgressFile versions of Getting Started, Moving On and Widening Horizons have been available to schools.  Choose from one of our 3 eProgressFile online courses:

Progress File materials - Information for schools

CCEA is no longer able to provide Progress File presenters or hard copy manuals for schools to order.

SEN schools can still order Progress File materials online.

Item code Progress File material available for SEN schools to order
SP3 Progress File Pack 1 for pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties
For use with Pupils in Year 8-14
SP5 Special Needs Resource PFSEN CD–ROM (1 per school) - June 2005
Contains resources for pupils with Moderate or Severe Learning Difficulties

Progress File materials - Information for Training Organisations

Training Organisations can order Progress File materials throughout the academic year.

Item code Progress File material available for Training Organisations to order
TO1 Presenter (*NEW* Black folder)
TO2 Widening Horizons for Occupational Training materials [Inserts]


Would you like to know more about our Progress File resource?

  • For schools queries contact: Sheila Armstrong (028) 9026 1200, [email protected]
  • For training organisations queries contact: David Crosbie (028) 9026 1200, [email protected]