Primary Irish - Aspects of Shared Cultural Heritage

Primary Irish and Aspects of Shared Cultural Heritage

The main aim of this resource is to build capacity within primary schools outside of the Irish-medium sector, so that they can teach elements of Irish and shared cultural heritage using existing staff & resources.

Where to begin?

You may decide to involve the whole school or focus on a particular key stage and/or year group. You may choose to try some basic conversational Irish or focus on a specific Area of Learning to use Irish in context by taking a cross-curricular approach - for example, learning to tell the time or teach a PE lesson in Irish.

There will be the opportunity to avail of training provided by CCEA on-site, in twilight sessions or cluster groups.


We encourage you to make use of our online forum in Fronter to share ideas and engage in professional discussion.

Please keep in touch and share the thoughts of your pupils and staff with us so we can continue to provide high quality support!


Innovative resources alongside traditional material...

You can avail of some traditional and innovative resources which will assist you in delivering the programme to the extent you wish.

New resources have been created for this programme and you can also benefit from existing resources that are currently used in Irish-medium schools which can be used in any context.

We have also included links to other resources and sites which we hope you will find useful.

Browse through the areas of learning to begin!

Areas of Learning

Language and Literacy
The World Around Us