Thematic Units (PMLD)

PMLD Sensory Thematic Units

Our Academy for Witches and Wizards

This unit suggests a range of activities centred on an imaginary school for witchcraft, wizardry, magic potions and spells.

The title of this unit and the teaching and learning experiences suggested are delivered through the concept of your own class, department or the whole school becoming, for the duration of the theme, Our Academy for Wizards and Witches.

The unit is focused mainly on Key Stage 3. It provides teaching resources, ideas, lesson plans and activities that you can adapt and modify to enhance the sensory curriculum for learners with PMLD.

Please note: before beginning an activity, check that all the resources are suitable for your individual learners. For example, some essential oils may not be appropriate for young children and others may have contraindications for learners with complex medical needs, life-threatening conditions and/or epilepsy. It is advisable to consult a trained therapist before using essential oils.