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Period Dignity

Survey Findings

Period Dignity Surveys (2023)

The Period Dignity Pilot Scheme in Northern Ireland schools provides crucial information on the design and implementation of the long-term future provision of period products.

To gain insight into the implementation and impact of the current Period Dignity Pilot Scheme, CCEA developed a pair of surveys – one targeted at teachers and the other at pupils. Both surveys were available online from 22 March 2023 to 7 April 2023. In total, the teacher survey received 177 responses, and the pupil survey received 1,192 responses.

Period Dignity Survey Findings Report 2023

Period Dignity Surveys (2022)

To gain insight into the implementation and impact of the Period Dignity Pilot Scheme since its launch in September 2021, CCEA conducted two surveys in January 2022 - one for pupils and one for teaching staff in Northern Ireland schools.

Responses from these surveys are important in informing CCEA, the Department of Education and the Education Authority on how effective the scheme has been in increasing the accessibility of period products and combating both period poverty and the stigma associated with periods.

More than 2,100 pupils and teaching professionals provided invaluable feedback with the surveys showing that 76.2% of teachers agree that period products are more accessible to pupils because of the Period Dignity Scheme. The survey of teaching professionals also showed that 77.1% of teachers who participated in CCEA’s Period Dignity/Menstrual Wellbeing training webinars now feel more confident when talking to pupils about Period Dignity.

The pupil survey found that the vast majority – nearly 90% - believe that having access to more period products would reduce absenteeism due to period poverty.

We would like to thank everyone who provided their feedback.

Period Poverty Surveys (2021)

CCEA conducted a series of online surveys during June 2021 to understand the frequency and extent of period poverty among students in Northern Ireland.

Over 2,500 pupils, students and teaching professionals provided invaluable feedback on this important issue, with 98.2% of school pupils and 98.8% of teachers welcoming the proposed new government scheme to supply free period products in NI schools. The full report is now available to view:

CCEA would like to extend its thanks, once again, to the pupils, students, and teaching professionals for sharing their experiences and knowledge of period poverty.

The feedback has helped to inform CCEA’s online Teacher Professional Learning Programme for Primary and Post Primary schools which took place throughout November and December.