The Northern Ireland Curriculum Primary

The Northern Ireland Curriculum Primary

This document sets out the requirements of the revised Northern Ireland Curriculum (hereafter referred to as the Northern Ireland Curriculum) and is the starting point for planning a school curriculum that meets the needs of individual children.

The revisions to the curriculum aim to retain the best of current practice while seeking to give greater emphasis to important elements, such as children’s Personal Development and Mutual Understanding and the explicit development of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities. The Northern Ireland Curriculum sets out the minimum requirement that should be taught at each key stage. Within these requirements, schools have a responsibility to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all children and schools should aim to give every child the opportunity to experience success in learning and to achieve as high a standard as possible.

Teachers, however, have considerable flexibility to make decisions about how best to interpret and combine the requirements so as to prepare young people for a rapidly changing world.

Areas of Learning

Physical Education
The Arts
The Arts: Art and Design
The Arts: Drama
The Arts: Music
Science and Technology
Religious Education
Physical Development and Movement
Personal Development and Mutual Understanding
Mathematics and Numeracy
Mathematics (with Financial Capability)
Language and Literacy
The World Around Us

Skills and Capabilities

Skills and Capabilities
Cross-Curricular Skills
Using Mathematics
Using ICT
Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities
Managing Information
Working with Others
Being Creative
Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
Problem Solving
Self-Management (Improving own learning and performance)