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Non stat guidance for English & media

Non Statutory Guidance for English with Media Education

This guidance is part of the support and implementation package for the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum (hereafter referred to as Northern Ireland Curriculum) already with your school that includes:

  • The Statutory Curriculum at Key Stage 3: Supplementary Guidance; and
  • The Curriculum Support and Implementation Box.

Both these resources and additional learning and teaching materials are also available at www.nicurriculum.org.uk. English* is part of the minimum requirement for every pupil at Key Stage 3. This guidance seeks to build on good practice and to provide heads of department with information and practical approaches to help them plan and roll-out the requirements for English in a manageable way. The guidance explains and provides interpretation of the statutory requirements for English.

There are departmental questions and activities after each section which can help you and the members of your department to reflect on and evaluate your current practice and identify actions for departmental planning.

The questions and activities follow The 4A’s Model for Planning as documented in the booklet, Planning for the Revised Curriculum at Key Stage 3, in your school’s Curriculum Support and Implementation Box. Working through this guidance and its accompanying activities means that your department will be well on course for rolling out the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Areas of Learning

English with Media Education