Living Learning Together

Living. Learning. Together.

This comprehensive teaching resource is made up of seven units for every year group in primary school. Each unit has learning activities and teaching strategies that can help schools deliver the statutory requirements for PD&|MU.

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PD&MU) focuses on encouraging each child to become personally, emotionally and socially effective, to lead healthy, safe and fulfilled lives and to become confident, independent and responsible citizens, making informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives.

Living.Learning.Together. aims to provide teachers with support in planning, teaching and assessing PD&MU within the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

This resource will assist teachers in developing children's personal, emotional, social and health needs and preparing them to contribute to their communities in ways that make a positive and lasting impact. Living.Learning.Together. is comprised of seven units detailing suggested learning activities and methodologies that teachers will find useful when making provision for the statutory requirements for Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.

Areas of Learning

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding