Levels of Progression Using ICT

Levels of Progression Using ICT

To help you better understand each Levels of Progression statements, we have developed Expansion of the Levels guidance. This includes examples illustrating how each broad progression statement might look in practice.

These examples are not exhaustive and do not represent complete activities. However, they do indicate typical ways in which pupils might demonstrate their competency at a given level.

You can also view the expansion statements by clicking on the bullet points in the Interactive Levels of Progression.

The Levels of Progression for Using ICT are set out in can-do statements. They set the standards of what is expected for pupil competency in Using ICT. They can help teachers make judgements about the levels pupils are working at and are a guide to progression in this skill.

There are progression statements for each of the 5 ‘E’s, which are the curriculum requirements for Using ICT.

The expected level for the end of:

  • Key Stage 1 is Level 2;
  • Key Stage 2 is Level 4; and
  • Key Stage 3 is Level 5.

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