The Land of Promise

The Land of Promise

1718 Emigration

Good day to you. I bring you greetings from Merrymeeting Bay in Maine on the east coast of America.

My name is Summersett McFadden and I live here at Merrymeeting Bay. I was born here, but my parents and older brother Andrew are from a part of Ireland called Ulster. My mother and father told me a lot about Ulster and why they decided to come to America, what the journey was like and what happened when they arrived.

I’d like to share this story with you.

My parents lived in a town called Garvagh, not far from a place called Somerset on the River Bann near the town of Coleraine. Our new home in Merrymeeting Bay reminded them so much of that place that they named me after it. They travelled here with many other families in the community. When they settled here, they named places here after places in Ulster.

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Faced with religious intolerance and hardship, families and communities left Ulster to settle in America.

The journey by sailing boat was long and uncomfortable. The weather was dreich, food was scarce, fresh water was limited.

New opportunities awaited the settlers but many challenges remained as they established themselves on the frontier of a new land.

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