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Giro d'Italia

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You might like to start pupils off by surveying what the Giro d’Italia is, what’s happening locally in response to this year’s event, and how that can be used as a stimulus to carry out some classroom work that explores one or more issues related to the Giro d’Italia.

If you want to give your pupils the opportunity to come up with a Giro d'Italia activity themselves, you can direct them to the pupil section of this resource.

Any of these starting points can form the basis for an investigation in many subjects. Choose a specific focus and a level of demand appropriate to the age range of your pupils. Use the subject-based suggestions from the section: Pick a Subject Focus as starting points to structure a lesson or series of lessons. There are also more generic suggestions that could be adapted for use in any subject context. The sections: Starting Points and Possible End Products can be adapted for many different subjects. Pick the degree of detail you think is suitable for your pupils and for the time available.