Giro d’Italia

Giro d'Italia

Starting Points

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Once the activity starts to take shape, you might want to guide pupils through a series of preliminaries, before being ready to assemble the finished outcome.

The list of starting points below can be used as a mix-and-match to structure the activity in terms of where to get going first, and what to move on to do afterwards. There are simple starting points in the left hand column, and the suggestions get progressively more demanding towards the right. Pick two or three stages that will lead pupils through the detail of the activity you plan. If you are using the Giro d'Italia: Plan a Lesson Sequence PDF, describe the stages of the activity in box 4.

Simple   More Demanding

Make a list of the main events, then arrange them in order.

Cut out or draw pictures to show a detail of the Giro d'Italia event.

Write a textbook entry or wiki about one feature of the Giro d'Italia to help others understand.

Design a questionnaire to gather information about what people know about the Giro d'Italia.

Design a machine to test the effectiveness of safety equipment/clothing for cycling.

Make a timeline of events.

Retell the story of the Giro d'Italia in your own words.

Design a market strategy to advertise the Giro d'Italia to local audiences. What do they need to know and how will you tell them?

Script a commercial to sell the Giro to local audiences. Record and edit it as a podcast or video.

Compose a rhythm or put new words to a known melody to make an advertising jingle to popularise the Giro d'Italia.

Make a chart of interesting facts about the Giro D'Italia.

Prepare a flow chart to illustrate the sequence of events.

Design jerseys for race leaders.

Sell the idea of cycling as a pastime that supports health and fitness.

Conduct an investigation to support the view that cycling is useful exercise and can cut carbon emissions.

Write a list of the pieces of information you have discovered about the Giro d'Italia. 

Write a summary report of the event.

Make up a puzzle game using the Giro d'Italia as the theme.

Make a flow chart to show the critical stages in the race.

Make up a new formula for scoring the race that mixes individual time trial events with racing.

Write and perform a short drama based on something you've learned about the Giro d'Italia.

Construct a model to illustrate the terrain over which the Giro d'Italia will run.

Construct a graph to illustrate selected information about the Giro d'Italia. Perhaps comparing riders' times over several stages of the competition.

Design a CD, book, or magazine cover to commemorate the Giro d'Italia coming to Northern Ireland.

Make a chart showing the main features of the Giro d'Italia.

Make a cartoon strip that explains how the winner is decided.

Make a diorama to illustrate an important part of the race.

Make a tree-type diagram showing relationships between different stages of the race.

Arrange a tour for someone travelling to Northern Ireland to see the Giro d'Italia. Make all the arrangements and record the steps needed.

Make a jigsaw puzzle using an image from the Giro d'Italia.

Use a series of pictures (made or found) to explain the story of the Giro d'Italia.

Take a collection of photographs to document the start of the race.

Write a TV show, play, puppet show, role play, song or pantomime about the Giro d'Italia.

Create a new cycling-related product. Give it a name and plan a marketing campaign.

Make a scrapbook about the Giro d'Italia.

Write a short biography of one of the riders.

Prepare a report about the Giro d'Italia in the manner of a journalist or reporter.

Imagine your feelings if you were a competitor on the starting line. Write about what runs through your head as you prepare to race.

Design a building to house a cycling museum.