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Giro d'Italia

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Remember to leave time for drawing out the learning. The suggestions below can be used to guide reflection about the learning and the processes followed during the activity . Plan the end of lesson plenary or evaluation, and if you are using the Giro d'Italia: Plan a Lesson Sequence PDF, outline the Assessment for Learning that will be used in box 5.

  • Prepare a list of criteria to judge the outcome of your investigation. What will count as success, and which are the most important things to include?
  • Use a class discussion to decide what you want to achieve in your work on the Giro d'Italia, and how you will rate contributions.
  • Make a one minute presentation that summarises the 5 things you see as the most important ideas to come out of your work. Your presentation should convince others.
  • Form two panels to discuss views, e.g. "performance enhancing drugs should be banned from sport." One panel argues for, and one against the proposal.
  • Write a letter to the organisers of the Giro d'Italia advising on changes needed to make it more accessible to a particular interest group or age range.
  • Set up a display area to contain the products of your work. Make labels so visitors will understand the display.
  • Run a dragon's den to decide on the best proposals to complete the work.
  • Make a 'two stars and a wish list' of what went well and what you could improve in your work.
  • Host a class plenary to decide what to do next.
  • Keep a group diary of what you did during the work on the Giro d'Italia.