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Giro d'Italia


Giro d'Italia: Things to do...

If you are interested in using the Giro d’Italia as a starting point for classroom activities, here are some suggestions for incorporating it into ideas for lessons.

You'll find a list of ideas here sorted in terms of subject strands at Key Stage 1 and 2, and Key Stage 3. There are also some suggestions for Key Stage 4, in terms of specifications that might be the most relevant. Of course, if you teach other specifications there may be different opportunities to use the Giro d’Italia as a starting point for classroom or controlled assessment activities. The suggestions here are only a starting point.

For each subject strand there is a list of several possible approaches that could be used. These are intended to stimulate thinking, and may diverge into other directions depending on what you decide to do with the Giro d’Italia. Probably your ideas will firm-up following research into one or more of the websites available. The resources and links provide a range of content and details about the Giro d’Italia 2014, some of which could be more suited to the particular age group you teach. You’ll probably want to have a look at a selection of the links first, and pick out materials that suit your intentions. Alternatively, you can work the other way, find a site or sites that spark off ideas, and then use the suggestions to shape a lesson plan around what you’ve seen.

At several points there are links to curriculum resources if you want to incorporate Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities or other skills within the activity.

You'll also find a PDF document that can be used as a planning tool if you want to keep a record of lesson ideas.