Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia - your starting point for a whole range of activities that can enrich pupils’ experiences of the curriculum.

What you'll find here

This resource provides a collection of links to materials about the Giro d'Italia, and also to other education materials that can be used to inform deeper investigations on issues related to cycling, sport, health and a range of other topics. The links have been chosen because they all have some connection to using study of the Giro d'Italia as a way to think about aspects of the curriculum.

What you choose to investigate is up to you, but the idea is that as you browse you'll see the connections between all sorts of considerations, perhaps you're a keen traveler and want to learn more about Italy, or maybe you have a scientific mind and want to understand more about the way gear ratios convert effort into forward motion.

Whatever your interests you'll find something you want to know more about. The links will get you started on an enquiry-based learning quest.

How to use this Resource

Most users will start by browsing the various resources and links. Once you’ve got a sense of what’s out there, the resource includes a format that contains suggestions lesson plans. Use this if you want to base activities on aspects of the Giro d’Italia experience. If you're a teacher the suggestions will help you decide what you want pupils to find out about, and what they might make as a result. If you’re not a teacher, you can still use this section of the resource to plan an investigation, decide on a project, or get ideas for further study. The suggestions are grouped by key stage, so it’s possible to draw up a plan of action that is suited to the age range and the time available. If you’re studying for a qualification there are also opportunities to use the materials as the basis for an extended investigation or simply as a library of resources to gather information.

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