Financial Capability

Financial Capability

Financial Capability in a Digital World

Financial Capability in a Digital World aims to support the delivery of financial capability across the Key Stage 3 curriculum in an ever-changing digital landscape.

It provides guidance on how technology is changing the world of financial capability and suggests classroom activities exploring the changing world of finance.

It also shows how financial capability is not limited to the Mathematics classroom and that the three interrelated themes (Financial Knowledge and Understanding, Financial Skills and Competence, and Financial Responsibility) give pupils opportunities to learn about and develop financial capability across the curriculum.

Currently, the resource has three chapters:

Each chapter includes teacher guidance and information on the content, as well as activities for pupils.

These activities include teacher-led classroom discussion, class work and pupil worksheets.

Activities that include pupil worksheets are identified by a clipboard and pencil image: Financial Capability Pencil

Each chapter indicates where activities are aligned to delivering the curriculum across different Areas of Learning.