Exploring The Life And Times of Cú Chulainn

Exploring The Life And Times of Cú Chulainn

Unit 1: Exploring creativity and ICT

This unit shows how the animated Cú Chulainn series can be used to promote creativity and the use of ICT. The aim of this unit is to provide teachers with the knowledge, techniques and approaches that will enable pupils to create their own digital stories, short animations and musical soundtracks exploring the world of the Celts. Pupils will be introduced to the study of Film Language and cover the core skills involved in film-making, including storyboarding, drawing, digital storytelling, video editing, animation and creating a musical soundtrack (all areas which can be formally assessed through CCEA's 'Using ICT' accreditation scheme).

Unit of study

This unit of study features:

A set of detailed Lesson Plans covering each area of digital skills and extensive teacher guidance notes explaining what is required to achieve the different levels of ICT accreditation as mapped out by CCEA.

Presentations for use by teachers on an interactive whiteboard covering areas of ICT and digital literacy including Moving Images, Animation and Digital Music.

Pupil Worksheets covering the core skills of creating digital stories, short films, animations and musical soundtracks.