Exploring Contemporary Issues

Exploring Contemporary Issues

We have developed post-primary resources that illustrate and promote connected learning across different Areas of Learning, using topical issues as a starting point.

These resources provide a variety of relevant content to stimulate pupils’ thinking and create positive learning experiences.

The flexible, age-appropriate materials cover the following topics:

See also our Active Citizenship page, which features activity ideas for exploring citizenship in the context of COVID-19.

Areas of Learning

English with Media Education
Physical Education
The Arts
Science and Technology
Religious Education
Physical Development and Movement
Environment and Society
Personal Development and Mutual Understanding
Modern Languages
Mathematics and Numeracy
Mathematics (with Financial Capability)
Learning for Life and Work
Language and Literacy
The World Around Us

Skills and Capabilities

Skills and Capabilities
Cross-Curricular Skills
Using Mathematics
Using ICT
Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities
Managing Information
Working with Others
Being Creative
Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
Problem Solving
Self-Management (Improving own learning and performance)
Other Skills (at Key Stage 4)
Working with Others (at Key Stage 4)
Problem Solving (at Key Stage 4)
Planning for Skills Development