Every Sport for Everyone

Every Sport for Everyone

What does ‘Every Sport for Everyone’ mean?

‘Every Sport for Everyone’ means exactly what it says. It means that every sport can be adapted in some way to include all players, with and without a disability. A disability can refer to an intellectual disability, a sensory disability or a physical disability. It is important that every individual is included in sport and this can be achieved across all sports.

Who are these resources for?

These resources are aimed at anyone who helps pupils take part in sport, including teachers, teaching assistants, coaches and parents. They are particularly useful if you are taking a group of pupils who are of mixed ability or if only some of the pupils in the group have a disability. These resources provide ideas on how to ensure the sports are as inclusive as possible.

How can all players be included in all sports?

There are many ways that sports can be adapted to suit all players. This website contains eight sports sections. Each sports section includes a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 subsection, which focuses on skill development for that particular sport. There is also a Key Stage 3 subsection, which focuses on playing the game. Each subsection also includes ‘Make it Inclusive!’ text, which gives ideas and tips on how to make each sport inclusive.

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Every Sport for Everyone

What are the benefits of exercise?

By taking in part in sport and exercise, pupils benefit from a healthier lifestyle. It also gives them the opportunity to interact with other people, improving their communication and social skills. All pupils are entitled to take part in sport and exercise and gain the physical benefits, as well as the positive effect of exercise on mental health and well-being.

How can I access the resources?

  1. Choose a Sport
  2. Select a Key Stage
  3. Read relevant progression section for games/activities

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