Session 2 - How EU Are You?

Session Summary

In this session, pupils look at identity in individual, National and European contexts.

Pupils have opportunities to learn about:

  • the idea of identity – what defines a group identity;
  • how identity is expressed;
  • the individual identities of countries in the EU; and
  • identity within a European context.

Teachers should agree success criteria with their pupils.

Opportunities for Skills Development

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

In this session, the emphasis is on the skill of Managing Information. Pupils have opportunities to:

  • recognise, evaluate and express their ideas about an EU identity;
  • group, sort and evaluate information – by combining and synthesising information from different sources to develop an understanding of the EU identity, producing collages and developing an agreed EU identity design; and
  • reflect on the similarities and differences – by comparing and contrasting information from different sources using the comparison alley.

Cross-Curricular Skills

If you wish, you can develop the following Cross-Curricular Skills in this session:

  • Communication (Talking and Listening, and Reading) – Pupils gather information for the EU identity collage.
  • Using ICT – Pupils produce a collage.

Session Debrief

Return to the learning intentions to summarise the session.

Ask the class to reflect on:

  • what they have learned about different kinds of identity;
  • which kinds of identity are the most important to them;
  • the importance and the drawbacks of national identity in the EU; and
  • if they feel there is a single EU identity and why.