Education for Employability at Primary

Employability at Post-Primary

There is a general consensus that schools – primary, post-primary and special – have a key role to play in preparing young people for the world of work. Education for Employability is one of the statutory strands of Learning for Life and Work which is at the heart of the revised curriculum.

Education for Employability is a radical departure from what has gone on prior to the introduction of the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum. The employability agenda is all embracing in that it should permeate the ethos of the entire school including development plans, policies, practices and pedagogies. It cuts across all Learning Areas as well has occupying discrete curriculum time.

It is exciting! It’s a new approach to developing critical thinking and enterprising young people with the “I Can Do” attitude. Our future workforce now have the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, capabilities and dispositions to be flexible, creative and innovative contributors to the organisation where they choose to work.

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