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Key Stage 3 Digital Skills Curriculum

The CCEA Digital Skills Framework for Key Stage 3 takes the concepts behind the three broad tiers of digital skills and applies them to the context of a learner within a school setting.

The framework should ensure that learners attending schools in Northern Ireland become:

  • Digital Citizens, with the skills that will enable them to take part in digital aspects of society, safely and without hindrance;
  • Digital Workers, who are able to apply their digital skills to further their learning or in a work-related setting; and
  • Digital Makers, who are starting to build their own technology.

Using ICT at Key Stage 3

The relationship between the Digital Skills Framework for Key Stage 3 and Using ICT

The Digital Skills Framework for Key Stage 3 provides some additional knowledge and understanding that is not explicitly outlined in the Levels of Progression in Using ICT.

The work undertaken in the Becoming a Digital Citizen or Becoming a Digital Worker strands provides essential knowledge and understanding upon which a pupil’s Using ICT skills can be built. However, Using ICT is not just about knowledge and understanding, it is about developing skills in a variety of opportunities.

For this reason, if you wish to develop the skill of Using ICT through the Digital Skills Framework for Key Stage 3, this is best done through the Becoming a Digital Maker strand, where the content can be more explicitly linked to the requirements of Using ICT: Explore, Express, Exchange, Evaluate and Exhibit.