Digital for Life and Work

Digital for Life and Work

The Northern Ireland Curriculum for the Cross Curricular Skill of Using ICT outlines the following, that “Pupils should be provided with opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of e-safety and acceptable online behaviour.”

In today’s digital world, children require knowledge and skills to be digital citizens and digital workers and to enable them to have the prerequisite skills to access technology and to use it safely, keeping themselves, their personal information and their money safe.

CCEA have produced the following overview as guidance for ICT coordinators and teachers to use to address issues that they may want to cover with their pupils.

The overviews cover the following issues;

The overviews are not prescriptive but cover a range of important areas that face our children and young people in a digital world.

Coordinator and Senior Leadership may find the whole-school overview a useful tool for planning and coverage of the important areas.

Suggested resources and links for each key stage are available within the following sections:

Areas of Learning

Mathematics (with Financial Capability)

Skills and Capabilities

Cross-Curricular Skills
Using ICT