Think Pack - Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

Developing and Embedding Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities


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Educational literature regularly refers to using feedback as one of the most effective ways for teachers to encourage learners to improve outcomes.

Using feedback is not as straightforward as it appears. It’s not just about writing comments on learners’ work. If it is used inappropriately, feedback can be detrimental. Providing feedback can be time consuming, so it’s important to do it correctly.

This resource explores in detail using feedback. It refers to material from educationalists and organisations that endorse research-informed approaches to educational improvement.

The resource clarifies exactly what feedback is and how to use it effectively. It suggests training activities and practical techniques you can use when planning to use feedback in your classroom.

In addition to the downloadable files listed below you can access a pre-recorded webinar on feedback from the Webinars section of this web area.