Creative Writing - Vocabulary and language activities

Creative Writing

Pulling it all together

200 words in 25 minutes

Classroom Activity

Give your pupils the 200 word challenge resource. Ensure that different pupils can work on different stories at the same time. This activity will work especially well as a short assessment of the skills your pupils have developed. It may also be useful for Key Stage 4 practice of skills developed in Key Stage 3.

200 word challenge

Task support written final tasks for Creative Writing

Please visit the CCEA Task Support System for a further range of differentiated Creative Writing activities including:

  • Choose a theme;
  • Choose a character;
  • Provide a scenario;
  • Visual stimulus;
  • Use a quotation from a poem or song and write up the story behind it;
  • Setting;
  • Vocabulary;
  • Structure; and
  • Opening and ending.

Using ICT to improve Creative Writing

Essentially, any software package or application that allows you to enter images, text, audio and/or video should allow you to create a digital story. One of the main things to consider is how the digital story will be presented, published or exhibited or where it will “live”. That should be identified at the start so that you and your pupils can choose the right tool (understanding the export options and how appropriate they will be for the job).

Many more traditional ICT tools could be used to improve Creative Writing (even PowerPoint as you can export a presentation as a video – it just requires thinking differently about it and not using pre-loaded templates all the time).

Write! Let’s get started!

The Write! Let’s get started! resource includes a summary of the questions pupils might ask themselves when tackling a full story.