Handling Data and the Northern Ireland Census

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What is the Northern Ireland census?

Welcome to Let’s Count! developed by CCEA in partnership with Census 2021 and supported by NISRA.

The census happens only once every 10 years and gives us a picture of all the people and households in Northern Ireland. The last census was in 2021 which identified that the population in Northern Ireland was 1,903,175. This had risen by 92,312 since the previous census in 2011. The first results from Census 2021 are now available.

Let's Count! Resource

This resource uses free census data to develop learner skills in Mathematics and Numeracy (Handling Data and Processes in Mathematics) with links to Thinking Skills, The World Around Us, and Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.

Use the twelve lessons, at home or in class, as they are presented or select from the individual activities. Four key themes (Population, Settlements, Transport and Occupations) are explored from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 2. As pupil materials carry no key stage identifiers, you can adapt them for learners of any age or to complement existing learning plans.

Each lesson has:

  • teacher notes;
  • resource sheets (to use in class or at home); and
  • a presentation (suitable for face-to-face or online learning).

Add even more richness and variety to learning with animations, video links, interactive games and chart creators and classroom posters.

Areas of Learning

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding
Mathematics and Numeracy
The World Around Us
In partnership with Census 2021 supported by NISRA