Celebrate with CCEA

Celebrate with CCEA

Make a Nomination!

What kind of achievement is being awarded?

We have 3 main categories for nomination:

  • Learners who have shown great motivation, determination and/or enthusiasm for their course;
  • Learners who have developed other noteworthy skills during their course; and
  • Anything else that makes the learner stand out as exceptional.

This is your opportunity to tell us why your nominee really deserves the award!

  • Ensure that all details of the learner and teaching centre(s) have been included;
  • Remember to supply as much information as possible about the learner. The information you provide will be used to select the award winner, so it’s important to show us why s/he deserves the award;
  • Indicate by checking the appropriate boxes that you have been given permission to nominate by the school/college principal/director/manager, and by the learner themselves; and
  • When you are finished, click ‘submit’. You will receive an email confirming that the nomination has been received.
    Nominations closed on Wednesday 30 October.