Assessment in Practice

Assessment in Practice

Making Summative Judgements

We asked teachers in the schools involved in this project:

  • how they made a summative judgement about a pupil;
  • what evidence they used to do this;
  • how long it took; and
  • whether they experienced challenges when making their final decision.

Helpful Hints

  • Plan for assessment opportunities.
  • When planning an assessment activity, ensure that it has sufficient scope for pupils to access the level or levels that you are expecting for Communication.
  • Use the Levels of Progression for Communication to set your success criteria for the planned assessment activity or CCEA Assessment Task.
  • Keep a log of the CCEA Assessment Tasks or other assessment activities that you have carried out with your pupils throughout the year and your assessed outcomes.
  • You may wish to use superscripts to chart progression and range within a level.
  • Carry out a range of assessment activities that are meaningful and in the context of your cross-curricular planning.
  • Plan to use a range of Reading activities and Writing in different genres to give breadth to your assessment of pupils.