The Arts

The Arts

Pupils need enough experience of Art and Design in every year at school to understand what it is that artists, designers and crafts workers do, and to develop their own confidence in using media and techniques.

Art and Design activities encourage them to:

  • respond to the world around them;
  • respond to their individual feelings and emotions;
  • develop and use their imagination;
  • express their ideas, thoughts and feelings;
  • solve problems; and
  • become more aesthetically aware.

Pupils do these things differently. Visual education should be planned to allow for the different ways they think, learn and develop. Pupils also need to be sensitively guided through their learning in Art and Design so that they make meaningful progress.

The links for each Key Stage cover a range of media suitable for the learners’ age group, e.g. drawing, painting, printmaking and textiles. There are sample activities outlining possible techniques and processes for each of these areas, and you can view examples of pupils’ work.

You can also find references to four common approaches that educators judge to be particularly useful for Art and Design learners. You might like to compare how these help encourage pupils’ development at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

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The Arts
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