Art and Design at Key Stages 1 and 2

Art and Design Resources for Key Stage 3

Pupils may enter Key Stage 3 with preconceptions about what good art is and negativity about their own capability. It is important to challenge this by introducing a broad range of contemporary and historical contexts, role models, techniques and disciplines in Art and Design. Some pupils manipulate materials very well in 3D form or in digital media, but have less confidence in 2D drawing. Over emphasis on photorealistic reproduction through drawing and observation, will alienate many pupils. To engage all pupils, you should vary their approach allowing both heuristic and structured learning to occur.

There are no mistakes in Art. A range of outcomes should be expected and encouraged. Pupils need to take risks and accept that when things don’t work this is not failure but a crucial part of the creative process.

Areas of Learning

The Arts: Art and Design