Using Drama

Active Citizenship

Using Film and Drama

New Films and Resources from Cinemagic

CCEA are delighted to provide access to two new films and resources from Cinemagic which explore aspects of Personal Development and Mutual Understanding and Local and Global Citizenship. The 2 films "Impossible" and "Mix It Up" are accompanied by lesson plans, teacher guidance and pupil booklets.


This resource is aimed at Key Stage 3 pupils and is based on a 22 minute video called "Impossible". The video tells the story of the relationships between young people from different community backgrounds in Northern Ireland.

The teacher Guidance and Pupil Booklet are designed to provide opportunities to develop pupils’ competencies in Social Awareness and Relationship Skills. Teachers can also adapt the activities to develop Communication Skills such as Talking and Listening and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

Mix It Up

This resource is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils and is based on a 16 minute video called "Mix It Up". The video tells the story of one family’s experience of Covid and how they cope when Dad has to leave home for a short period of time.

The resource is aligned to the Personal Development and Mutual Understanding Area of Learning and includes a series of eight activities on a PowerPoint presentation, accompanied by a pupil workbook, and teacher guidance. The resource also provides a focus for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and can be used to support Shared Education lessons.


The film “Pushed” has been produced by Cinemagic and CCEA. Zoe and Kate are inseparable, the best of friends. Nothing can separate them until they meet Mikey and life will never be the same again for any of them.

This film and accompanying resources can help teachers meet the statutory minimum requirements of Local and Global Citizenship and Personal Development at Key Stage 3.

Pushed Launch Event

This clip gives a flavour of the Active Citizenship Using Drama resources including the launch of the film “Pushed” in March 2020

Please note that only the Cinemagic films are available for schools to screen online. Schools must ensure they have a PVS license to screen any of the other films identified in the lesson plans.