Key Stage 4

Age 14–16 / Qualifications

At Key Stage 4 (post-primary Years 11 and 12), pupils build on their learning from Key Stage 3. Pupils meet the statutory curriculum requirements through compulsory Areas of Learning and optional courses that lead to general and/or applied qualifications.

Entry Level

CCEA’s Entry Level qualifications offer a total of over 150 units at Entry 1 to Entry 3. Familiar subject areas such as Mathematics, History and Science are available, as well as vocationally related and skills for life options.

Entry Level Subjects


CCEA offers vocational qualifications at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework. These qualifications are practical in nature and relate to a specific job or career area.

Vocational Subjects


CCEA GCSE qualifications are at Level 1/2 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

GCSE Subjects GCSE Timetables GCSE Past Papers & Mark Schemes


Curriculum at Key Stage 4

The Northern Ireland Curriculum aims to empower young people to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives. The learning opportunities provided should help young people to develop as individuals, contributors to society and contributors to the economy and environment.

The statutory curriculum at Key Stage 4 is set out under the following Areas of Learning and Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities.

The Development Pathway

Latest News

March 2024 Examination Series - Issue of Results for Entry Level

Published: 18/06/2024, 10:45am

Electronic results files for Entry Level will be available for centres to download from the A2C Migration Application on Wednesday 19 June 2024 . The results are for release to candidates on Thursday 20 June 2024 .

CCEA Period Dignity surveys highlight positive changes in NI schools

Published: 01/05/2024, 2:15pm

Over 1,300 pupils and teaching professionals participated in the latest Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment’s (CCEA) Period Dignity Pilot Scheme surveys.

NI Students’ Artwork is Virtually Incredible

Published: 25/04/2024, 5:45pm

CCEA’s True Colours Art and Design Exhibition 2024 launches online .

Past CCEA Events

There are currently no events scheduled. Here are some that CCEA recently held:

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  • 27 Mar

    Primary - Key Stage 3: 'Whet your Appetite with a Webinar' - Group Work – What is it and how to do it better (CCEA - Curriculum)

    Online Webinar
  • 02 Apr

    CCEA GCE Mathematics/Further Mathematics Support Event

    Corr's Corner Hotel315 Ballyclare RoadNewtownabbeyBT36 4TQ
  • 02 Apr

    CCEA A2 EEP Webinar A2 Geography

  • 04 Apr

    CCEA GCE Mathematics/Further Mathematics Support Event

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