Level 2 Understanding Business Enterprise with Languages and Tourism (2012)

Summer 2021: Following the cancellation of examinations, the Occupational Studies, Vocational and Entry Level qualifications Summer 2021 Alternative Arrangements - Process for Heads of Centre provides information on alternative awarding arrangements for Summer 2021.

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Please note that the last opportunity for assessment for this qualification is Summer 2021; after that, the qualification will be withdrawn. In 2020 and 2021 the assessment is available in Summer only.

CCEA Certificates in Understanding Business Enterprise with Languages and Tourism are available at Level 1 and Level 2.

In the 21st century businesses have to compete more and more in a global marketplace, and this Level 2 qualification can help learners to develop important skills they will need.

The units are listed below. For each Understanding Business Enterprise, Intercultural Working and Travel and Tourism unit, learners must complete a portfolio of work. For the Languages units they take external tests, which we set.

Understanding Business Enterprise

  • Unit 1: Understand Business Resource and Legal Issues
  • Unit 2: Understand How to Market a Business
  • Unit 3: Understand Business Planning
  • Unit 4: Understand How to Manage Money in a Business
  • EITHER Level 1 Unit 1: Understand Enterprise and Enterprising Skills OR Level 1 Unit 2: Understand the Opportunities and Risks in Running a Business

Intercultural Working

  • Building Working Relationships with Others from Different Countries and Diverse Cultures

Travel and Tourism (learners choose any two of the three units)

  • Unit 1: Developing Employability Skills for Travel and Tourism
  • Unit 2: Developing Customer Service Skills in Travel and Tourism
  • Unit 3: Holiday Planning


  • Unit 1: Speak Using Everyday Language (French, German, Irish, Italian or Spanish)
  • Unit 2: Write Everyday Text (French, German, Irish, Italian or Spanish).

See also our Awards in Modern Languages for more information and language content.

Skills developed through Understanding Business Enterprise with Languages and Tourism

This qualification provides opportunities for learners to be creative, imaginative, innovative, flexible, adaptable and self-confident, developing skills that are relevant in general life and work. They build skills and understanding that they will need to engage effectively with a diverse range of people.

They can also gain an understanding of skills and qualities needed to work in the travel and tourism sector and carry out a practical project based on tourism. In addition, they can develop basic speaking and writing skills to communicate in one of five modern languages.

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