Level 2 Substance Misuse Awareness (2010)

Summer 2021: Following the cancellation of examinations, the Occupational Studies, Vocational and Entry Level qualifications Summer 2021 Alternative Arrangements - Process for Heads of Centre provides information on alternative awarding arrangements for Summer 2021.

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Please note that the last opportunity for assessment for this qualification is Summer 2021; after that, the qualification will be withdrawn. In 2020 and 2021 the assessment is available in Summer only.

CCEA Awards in Substance Misuse Awareness are available at Level 1 and Level 2. They allow learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of possible implications of the use of drugs and substances, both legal and illegal.

Learners can research and identify the personal and social effects of using and misusing drugs and substances, as well as exploring how society perceives them.

They must also produce a portfolio of evidence that shows how they meet all the assessment criteria. There is no examination or test.

To achieve a Level 2 qualification in Substance Misuse Awareness, learners must complete three mandatory units and one optional unit.

The three mandatory units are:

  • Unit 1: Understand Substance Use/Misuse
  • Unit 2: Understand How to Recognise and Respond to Substance Use/Misuse
  • Unit 3: Understand the Safe, Sensible and Social Use of Alcohol.

The optional unit can be any one of the following:

  • Unit 4: Community Responses to Substance Misuse
  • Unit 5: Options and Interventions for Those Affected by Substance Use/Misuse
  • Unit 6: Substance Misuse and Young People
  • Unit 7: Understand Solvents and Volatile Substance Abuse
  • Unit 8: Understand Blood-Borne Infections Related to Substance Use/Misuse.

Skills developed through Substance Misuse Awareness

This specification builds upon the broad objectives of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. In particular, it enables learners to develop as individuals and contributors to the economy, society and environment by providing opportunities to explore topics such as the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. They can also develop skills that will enhance employability through carrying out online research and exploring social issues.

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