Level 1 Working in the Creative Crafts Industry (2013)

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Please note that the last opportunity for assessment for this qualification is Summer 2021; after that, the qualification will be withdrawn. In 2020 and 2021 the assessment is available in Summer only

CCEA Certificates in Working in the Creative Crafts Industry are available at Level 1 and Level 2. They include units on Creative Crafts, Employability and Understanding Business Enterprise.

Our Working in the Creative Crafts Industry qualifications provide learners with the opportunity to develop basic craft skills while focusing on general employment and self-employment issues. They also enable them to understand various aspects of business enterprise, which could help them develop their craft ideas further.

The units in the Level 1 qualification are listed below. Learners must complete a portfolio of work for each unit.

Creative Crafts

  • Explore Available Resources to Develop Basic Mixed Crafts Skills
  • Explore and Develop Mixed Crafts Ideas Creatively
  • Create, Present and Review Final Mixed Crafts Items


  • Problem Solving at Work
  • Health, Safety and Security in the Workplace (a Level 2 unit)
  • Business and Customer Awareness
  • Working with Colleagues

Understanding Business Enterprise

  • Understand the Opportunities and Risks in Running a Business
  • Understand the Personal Qualities and Abilities for Business
  • Understand Enterprise and Enterprising Skills.

Skills developed through Working in the Creative Crafts Industry

The Creative Crafts units in this qualification allow learners to explore different materials in order to develop techniques in making. Learners have the opportunity to draw their own ideas from a range of sources.

The Employability units help them to explore a range of job search skills, including:

  • personal preparation for employment;
  • effective behaviour at work; and
  • health, safety and security in the workplace.

The Understanding Business Enterprise units introduce learners to some of the most important aspects of business. They have opportunities to understand and assess the skills and risks involved in planning and running a business, including marketing and managing money.

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