GCSE Statistics (2017)

The CCEA GCSE Statistics specification encourages students to develop understanding of the basic concepts of statistical problem-solving. They also develop skills in planning, collecting, processing, analysing and representing data.

Students reason, interpret and discuss results and use data to calculate estimates of probability. They develop understanding of how technology enables us to collect, visualise and analyse large quantities of data to inform decision-making in public, commercial, charitable and academic sectors.

Students apply their knowledge and understanding to planning a statistical enquiry. They also learn to evaluate and interpret the outcomes of the enquiry, which involves thinking critically and choosing an appropriate way to communicate their conclusions.

This qualification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed through the Mathematics and Numeracy Area of Learning.

This specification is unitised, so it’s possible to take part of the assessment at the end of the first year of study.

The specification has two externally assessed units (Unit 1 and Unit 2) and two tiers: Foundation and Higher.

The exam for Unit 2 includes questions on information from a pre-release case study focusing on Northern Ireland data.

Current Specification

First teaching: from September 2017
First assessment: from Summer 2018
First award: from Summer 2019
QAN: 603/1384/5
Subject code: 2260
Guided learning hours: 120
Qualification level: 1/2

Skills developed through our GCSE Statistics

This specification supports the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 4 and gives students further opportunities to achieve their potential and develop skills for life. These skills include communication, using mathematics, using digital technology, problem-solving, decision-making, managing information, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, reasoning, attention to detail, self-management and working with others.

Students develop the skills required for statistical enquiry, including presenting, interpreting and evaluating. They also develop understanding of the importance of statistical information to the individual and society as a whole, as well as the ability to identify its limitations.

This GCSE equips students with skills for progression to our GCE qualifications such as Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics and Geography. It also provides skills for students seeking careers in fields such as data analytics, finance, manufacturing, psychology and sociology.

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Gavin Graham
Subject Officer
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Specification Support Officer
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