GCSE Music (2017)

The CCEA GCSE Music specification is for everyone who loves music: composing, playing an instrument, listening to music, or using music technology. It encourages students to develop their musical potential by focusing on performing, composing and listening.

Students can explore a range of music, including classical, pop, film, and traditional Irish music. This deepens their appreciation of the diverse heritage of music and promotes their personal, social, intellectual and cultural development.

Through the performance element of the course, students develop the skills they need to communicate effectively as musicians. This increases their self-confidence and enhances their presentation, communication and evaluation skills. The opportunity to write their own music allows them to be creative.

This qualification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed through the Area of Learning The Arts and the Cross-Curricular Skill of Using ICT.

This specification is a linear qualification: students take all the assessment at the end of the course.

The specification has three components:

  • Component 1: Performing and Appraising
  • Component 2: Composing
  • Component 3: Listening and Appraising.

Current Specification

First teaching: from September 2017
First assessment: from Summer 2019
First award: from Summer 2019
QAN: 603/1222/1
Subject code: 7010
Guided learning hours: 120
Qualification level: 1/2

Skills developed through our GCSE Music

This specification supports the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 4 and gives students further opportunities to achieve their potential and develop skills for life.

Students prepare pieces for solo and ensemble performances. They discuss and appraise both their performances and those of others.

Students compose music, developing their skills in creating and developing musical ideas, using musical resources, structure, harmony, texture, rhythm, timbre, and music technology.

Students develop their understanding of the relationship between music and its contexts. They listen to and appraise familiar and unfamiliar music by a range of composers.

Students also develop the Cross-Curricular Skills of Communication, Using ICT and Using Mathematics. They utilise the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities of Self-Management, Working with Others, and Problem Solving.

For more information on this specification contact:

Nicola Black
Subject Officer
(028) 9590 6708
Louise Millar
Specification Support Officer
(028) 9026 1410

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