GCSE Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies (2017)

The CCEA GCSE Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies specification prepares students to become responsible road users. It develops their interest in and appreciation of the motor vehicle.

Students develop knowledge of the Highway Code. They learn about driving at night and under adverse conditions, as well as the causes and prevention of road traffic collisions.

They carry out a practical riding activity on a moped and investigate a real-life traffic situation. They discover road users’ responsibilities and legal requirements. They explore motor vehicle and road user theory.

This qualification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed through the Learning for Life and Work Area of Learning.

This specification is unitised, so it’s possible to take part of the assessment at the end of the first year of study.

The specification has three units:

  • Unit 1: Motor Vehicle and Road Use Theory – External written examination
  • Unit 2: Investigative Study
  • Unit 3: Practical Riding Activity.

Current Specification

First teaching: from September 2017
First assessment: from Summer 2019
First award: from Summer 2019
QAN: 603/0736/5
Subject code: 3070
Guided learning hours: 120
Qualification level: 1/2

Skills developed through our GCSE Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies

This specification supports the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 4 and gives students further opportunities to achieve their potential and develop skills for life.

For example, in communication, students interpret, analyse and present information in oral, written and ICT formats in their Investigative Study. They use mathematical language and notation when calculating the cost of insurance. They use ICT to research online, collating and presenting data graphically.

Students manage their time effectively in their controlled assessment tasks. They learn from others through co-operation in group discussions and traffic surveys. Students identify and analyse relationships and patterns, for example when interpreting traffic collision statistics related to weather events.

For more information on this specification contact:

Donna Finlay
Subject Officer
(028) 9590 6694
Arlene Ashfield
Specification Support Officer
(028) 9590 6678

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