GCSE Hospitality (2009)

CCEA will not be accepting entries from English centres for GCSE courses that begin in or after September 2012

The specification in GCSE Hospitality is available for first teaching from September 2009. We will make the first awards in 2011.

Through studying this course, students gain core knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry and the skills required for working in it. Students have opportunities to apply their developing knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of theoretical and practical contexts.

This is an explicitly work-related course, and we encourage students to consider undertaking a work placement in the hospitality industry. This will enable them to develop and practise key transferable skills that are important in working life.

There are three units, each with one form of assessment. Unit 1 and Unit 2 are externally assessed. Unit 3 is internally assessed through work-related assignments. These assignments give the course an applied ethos and underline its work-related emphasis.

The emphasis on practical tasks enables students to have a motivating and enjoyable experience of finding out what it is like to work in the hospitality industry. It encourages students to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices in the hospitality industry.

Current Specification

First teaching: September 2009
Subject Code: 0007

Skills Developed

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