GCSE History (2017)

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The CCEA GCSE History specification provides opportunities to study Hitler’s dictatorship, the USA in the Roaring Twenties, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Northern Ireland’s civil unrest, or the USA’s response to 9/11.

Students consider the relevance of the past and gain a deeper understanding of the present. They learn to balance factual content with developing conceptual understanding and historical skills.

Students analyse and evaluate historical sources, appreciating there are competing interpretations of the past.

Students develop transferable skills useful for further study and in the workplace. These include researching and organising information, analysing and weighing up evidence, and developing a coherent argument.

This qualification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed through the Environment and Society Area of Learning.

This specification is unitised, so it’s possible to take part of the assessment at the end of the first year of study.

The specification has two units:

  • Unit 1: Section A: Modern World Studies in Depth and Section B: Local Study
  • Unit 2: Outline Study International Relations, 1945–2003.

Current Specification

First teaching: from September 2017
First assessment: from Summer 2018
First award: from Summer 2019
QAN: 603/0772/9
Subject code: 4010
Guided learning hours: 120
Qualification level: 1/2

Skills developed through our GCSE History

This specification supports the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 4 and gives students further opportunities to achieve their potential and develop skills for life.

Studying History helps students to develop skills that are useful in the workplace and for future study. These include researching and organising information, analysing and evaluating evidence, and reaching a conclusion they can substantiate. They also learn to think critically and ask questions, identify patterns and trends, and formulate and write a coherent argument. These important skills also help students in other subjects. They discuss their ideas with others, work on group tasks, present their ideas and work independently, developing life skills required in the workplace.

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Helen Parks
Subject Officer
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Arlene Ashfield
Specification Support Officer
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