Health and Safety Management for Heads of Science

Published: 12/09/2022, 10:00am

The Education Authority has organised Health and Safety training with CLEAPSS coming over to Northern Ireland (NI) in October and December 2022 for a total of eight days.

It will be a one day, face to face style with one place for each Post Primary school in NI.

To see full details and apply for the course please use this link which will be open from Tuesday 6th September.

NI Science Festival (13-23 February 2020)

Published: 04/02/2020, 11:00am

As part of the NI Science Festival 2020, CCEA is running a workshop for Key Stage 3 Science teachers.  For more information, please follow this link:

Past papers and Support Material from legacy Specifications

Published: 20/01/2020, 9:00am

Please note that these materials from the legacy specifications are now available under a legacy/archive page under the relevant page in the menu and you can tell if  a qualification has archived past papers/support material by checking for an arrow beside that section in the left hand menu.

The decision was made to avoid the wrong content been taught and to tidy up the micro-sites. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Science Mark

Published: 20/01/2020, 9:00am

Science Mark is a quality standard designed to recognise and celebrate inspiring practice in secondary and FE science departments across the UK.

Working with our dedicated team of assessors, we will support you through the process to achieve your Science Mark. There are three levels - silver, gold and platinum.

What are the benefits of taking part?

  • help raise the profile of science across your school or college;
  • demonstrate your department's commitment to quality standards in science education;
  • celebrate engaging, stimulating and inspiring lessons for students; and
  • receive a plaque, certificates, digital banners and at least a day and a half of support from an external expert.

For further information, please visit the STEM Learning website.


New Resources from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Published: 20/01/2020, 9:00am

New Resources available from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) to support the teaching of the new GCSE and GCE Chemistry specifications.

Use these resources to support your teaching of CCEA's prescribed practical activities for GCSE. Introduce more variety with our series of alternative experiments that match with the prescribed practical requirements. This document also covers non-prescribed practicals. The link is Northern Ireland GCSE practical guide.

Mechanism Inspector
This site provides students of chemistry the opportunity to test themselves on their understanding by answering questions not only on the mechanisms themselves but on the underlying chemistry. It aims to:

  • help students to practice solving organic mechanism problems
  • build confidence in core knowledge to help solve problems
  • recognise evidence available to solve problems
  • challenge common misconceptions

Synthesis Explorer
Synthesis Explorer (SE) helps students study key organic chemistry reactions in order to understand and plan synthetic routes.

SE is split into two main sections:

  • Use "the planner" for displaying compounds and planning synthetic routes.
  • Use "the data panel" for displaying compound data, spectra and trends.

REDOX Online CPD This is a paid course (£50) however there is a 25% discount on this for LCP schools (£37.50).

After working through this course you will be able to:

  • understand the core ideas about redox;
  • explain how the conventions we use like oxidation number and electrode potentials work;
  • anticipate common misconceptions that arise and adapt your teaching to minimise these;
  • confidently deliver key experiments, demonstrations and activities that develop student understanding; and
  • access a wider range of activities and resources to support students' learning about redox reactions.

Download your course development plan to keep a record of your learning and development.

Storage of Chemicals

Published: 20/01/2020, 9:00am

In relation to recent media activity relating to the storage of 2,4 DNPH (dinitrophenylhydrazine) please see link to the CLEAPPS website.

ENTHUSE bursaries - financial support for schools

Published: 20/01/2020, 9:00am

State-funded schools and colleges are able to access ENTHUSE bursaries that contribute towards the cost of attending world-class professional development provided by STEM Learning.

To find out how to apply and if you are eligible, visit the STEM Learning website.

Hay Levels - Free Internet mini-lectures

Published: 20/01/2020, 9:00am

Please find a very useful teaching resource to stimulate interest and deeper thinking in science - a new series of free Internet mini-lectures, titled the Hay Levels.