Entry Level Occupational Studies (2015)

The CCEA Entry Level Occupational Studies and Extended Occupational Studies qualifications include a wide range of units related to the world of work. Many of these relate to areas that also appear in Level 1 and 2 Occupational Studies.

We have designed the Entry Level qualifications to:

  • facilitate learning in a practical situation;
  • motivate learners;
  • develop employability skills;
  • prepare learners for work and adult life; and
  • provide progression to higher learning.

Entry Level qualifications can help learners to expand their knowledge, increase their confidence and demonstrate achievement. This includes some who might not be ready for a course at GCSE level or equivalent.

This specification is made up of units, and learners can gain a qualification at Entry Level 1, 2 or 3. They can also combine units at various levels to contribute to an overall qualification. These are pass/fail qualifications with no external examinations.

Occupational Studies builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed through the Learning for Life and Work Area of Learning.

There are 51 units at Entry Level: three in each of the following 17 thematic areas:

Bench Joinery
Unit 1: Making a Pot Stand
Unit 2: Making a Shelving Unit
Unit 3: Making a Storage Unit

Unit 4: Baking Skills
Unit 5: Contemporary Cuisine
Unit 6: Cake Decorating

Unit 7: Brick Work
Unit 8: Painting and Decorating
Unit 9: Plumbing

Creative Crafts
Unit 10: Card Making
Unit 11: Making a Gift
Unit 12: Making a Decoration

Unit 13: Developing a Character
Unit 14: Group Performance
Unit 15: Stage Management

Digital Imaging
Unit 16: Using a Camera
Unit 17: Import Photos to a PC/MAC
Unit 18: Photo Editing

Unit 19: Blow-Drying Hair
Unit 20: Setting Hair
Unit 21: Customer Care for Hair and Beauty

Unit 22: Growing Food from Seeds
Unit 23: Growing Bulbs for Gifts
Unit 24: Hanging Baskets and Containers

Unit 25: Customer Service for Hospitality
Unit 26: Planning: Food and Drink Service
Unit 27: Practical: Food and Drink Service

Unit 28: Electronic Communication
Unit 29: Using the Web
Unit 30: Computer Safety

Looking after Children
Unit 31: Keeping Children Safe
Unit 32: Keeping Children Healthy
Unit 33: Healthy Eating for Children

Unit 34: Organising an Event (Music or Other)
Unit 35: Creating and Producing Music Using Production Software
Unit 36: Composing and Performing a Piece of Music as a Group

Office Procedures
Unit 37: Office Equipment
Unit 38: Word Processing
Unit 39: Using Spreadsheets

Technology and Design
Unit 40: Model Making
Unit 41: Manufacturing a Product
Unit 42: Designing a Product

Total Beauty
Unit 43: Skincare
Unit 44: Nail Art
Unit 45: Washing and Conditioning Hair

Unit 46: Vehicle Servicing
Unit 47: Valeting
Unit 48: Basic Fast Fit

Working with Children
Unit 49: The Play Environment
Unit 50: Making a Game for Children
Unit 51: Playing a Game with Children.

Current Specification

First teaching: from September 2015
First assessment: from Summer 2016
First award: from Summer 2016
QAN: 601/6354/9 (Extended: 601/6353/7)
Subject code: N/A
Guided learning hours: 120 (Extended: 120)
Qualification level: Entry 1/2/3

Skills developed through our Entry Level Occupational Studies

Occupational Studies enables learners to apply knowledge, understanding and skills in their chosen occupational context(s). It also aims to help them prepare for working and adult life by developing employability and independent living skills. It emphasises learning by doing, with a focus on transferable skills that learners will need in a changing and dynamic working environment.

Those who complete this qualification can progress to Occupational Studies at Level 1 or 2, to other Entry Level, Level 1, Level 2 or GCSE qualifications, or to related training courses.

For more information on this specification contact:

Crea McCormick
Subject Officer
(028) 9026 1227
Nuala Tierney
Specification Support Officer
(028) 9590 6689

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