Entry Level Qualifications (ELQ)

CCEA’s 12 Entry Level qualifications offer a total of over 150 units at Entry 1 to Entry 3. Familiar subject areas such as Mathematics, History and Science are available, as well as vocationally related and skills for life options.

These qualifications aim to prepare learners for further study, work and adult life. They facilitate a range of learning styles for those working below or towards Level 1 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

They are competency based, emphasising learning by doing. This helps learners develop the transferable skills needed in a changing and dynamic working environment. Learners also gain subject knowledge and independent living skills.

There are no external examinations; assessment is based on learners completing a portfolio of evidence that they have met the criteria. Teachers and learners can choose the assessment method that best suits their needs and resources. Learners who successfully complete a qualification are awarded an overall qualification level and provided with their achievement in each unit. Learners who do not complete the full qualification can gain recognition for what they achieve at unit level.

We provide a range of online resources to support teachers delivering our Entry Level qualifications.