The Arts

The Arts

The Arts is an Area of Learning in the curriculum. It is not compulsory for pupils at Key Stage 4, but schools must offer access to at least one course that leads to a qualification in this Area of Learning.

There is no prescribed minimum content for The Arts at Key Stage 4. 

The Arts provides important opportunities to develop young people’s practical, exploratory, expressive, design and problem-solving skills. Young people develop concepts and skills relating to creativity and expression, analysing and interpreting observations and experiences, and the communication of ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities

To meet their statutory obligations, schools must ensure that pupils develop the Cross-Curricular Skills of Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT, and the Other Skills, and that teaching promotes the relevance of learning to everyday life and work.


We provide a range of qualifications that build on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed through this Area of Learning. These include:


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