Local and Global Citizenship

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In Local and Global Citizenship, pupils have opportunities to explore a range of topics and develop Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities. They address the following concepts through local, national, European and global contexts:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Human Rights and Social Responsibility
  • Equality and Social Justice
  • Democracy and Active Participation.

This subject strand helps pupils learn how to participate positively in society and influence democratic processes. It also helps them to make informed and responsible decisions as local and global citizens throughout their lives.

Local and Global Citizenship involves discussing controversial issues about diversity, equality and justice, democracy and active participation. It encourages pupils to identify and clarify their values and attitudes. They also learn how to recognise, understand and manage their emotions and behaviour in different situations.

Teachers should give pupils the opportunity to explore relevant, real-life contexts that are based on the statutory requirements. These should help them to develop a range of Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities.

For further details, see the Statutory Requirements for Local and Global Citizenship at Key Stage 3.


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